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The Dead Talk Back, 1957: 2

Starring Aldo Farnese. Spoiler: they don’t. Murder mystery where a young model is murdered by a crossbow on the porch of her boarding house. A boarding house that’s inhabited with, let's see, a German pervert, a bible thumping preacher, a disk jockey that looks like Bob Dylan, and a “level-headed” scientist played by Aldo Farnese. Farnese went on to become a popular local Philadelphia children’s television host, “Dickory Doc”, for years after his starring role in this nonsense. Sadly, he died only 2 days before MST3K aired their take on this film. His character, Henry Krasker, is portrayed as a solid, logical, intelligent man, looked up to by everyone. As a scientist, he’s respected by the cops and the ladies alike. But to the outside observer, he seems like a crazy crackpot working on absurd theories - a fun discrepancy that has to be experienced. The best is the detective/narrator’s observation on Krasker, “that boys got a good head on his shoulders” as our hero builds interior alarms for coffins.

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